Thursday, April 30

Lights, Camera, Action ... Have they actually rolled out the red carpet for me? I see the lights and let me tell you, they are bright. I could hardly see as I approached. I have to squint, but I can see a lot of people. I am wondering if people truly know that I am the chemo patient that enjoys blogging. There are several police cars blocking the street. Oh, is this my moment? I have a police escort and I never imagined myself in this position. Just a few hours ago, I was in my living room staring out the window into the pitch black evening, thinking of nothing in particular.

The street is blocked and no one can enter the area. How many times will I sign my name tonight? I’ve been handed a pen and I am ready. Should I sign “Judie”, or “Judie Berry-Nix”, or “Judith McDaniel Berry-Nix”? What would Elizabeth Taylor do in this situation? She’s had a million last names. I know she’d know how to sign her name. She would also know what to do with all the bright lights. As for me, I’m squinting as if I have a bad case of gas. This is all new to me; I’ve never been in this type of a situation.

I had to get dressed in a hurry. I know I could have picked a better outfit. But this is my moment and I don’t want it to be lost trying to find the perfect outfit. From head to toe, I’m dressed in black. This time, not a sexy black, but a black that says, “I’ve never done this before!”

The police officers have made their way to the front with their patrol car. I have a better view now. Yes, I can see the criminals. Those are the four boys that I just saw trying to break into my husband’s truck. They never saw me. There I was in the window, in the pure dark and dressed in all black. They walked right in front of me and never saw me. They then began trying to open the truck. It was locked.

I dropped to the floor. I must say that hardwoods are tough on a girl’s knees. I crawled into the kitchen to call the police. Yes, I was scared. I’ve never been that close to a criminal. I whispered to the officers everything that was happening. It was not a moment from Law and Order, but I must say it was close. They kept me on the phone and told me to keep the lights off. They were sending a police officer over to my house. My job was to describe everything that was happening and where the little thugs were going. The officer on the phone finally informed me that they had captured the thugs and they were sending a car for me.

It’s all how you say things huh? Sending a car for me? I take that as, “Hollywood here I come!” I’ve always had the ability to take a bad situation and see the good in it. And once I saw the bright lights, well let’s just say this was my moment. The thugs were not going to steal that from me.

The police car arrives and the officer opens the back door for me. He motions for me to enter into the car. Oh no you don’t! I’m not the criminal here. I will not be riding in the back seat. Plus, suppose a neighbor sees me being carted off in the back of a police car?! “No sir, you’ll need to clean off the front seat and I’ll be sitting right next to you.”

I had to look into each car and identify the boys. I was able to make a positive identification. The bright lights were a little overwhelming. I still don’t know why the street was blocked, as they had captured the criminals.

I see this as a prelude to how life could be. Lights, Cameras, Action. I did all this in “one take”. Yes, this chemo patient is ready for her close-up.

I’ve learned that people don’t care what you are going through. Life goes on. Criminals are still going to break into your car, gas prices are still rising, and the world is still not at peace. What made me think that just because I was going through chemo that the world would stand still for a few moments so that I could catch my breath. Nope, instead I caught a few thugs.

That being said, I take each moment and make the best of it. Some see bright patrol lights, others choose to see their moment in the spotlight.

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