Sunday, July 13

I'm Blogging...I will be using this blog to help keep family, friends, co-workers, clients, neighbors and well-wishes up-to-date on my current journey... All Aboard! I am currently one month into my chemo treatment. So far, so good! I really can't complain about side effects, as I haven't had many. The constant side effect is just the tiredness from the chemo. I usually spend 3 days sleeping off and on. On the fourth day, I regroup and try to get some work done. The only physical difference to my appearance is that I have finally lost all of my hair. However, as you all know, it allows me to delve into a new craft project, i.e., designing hats for my beautiful, but bald head. My fashionista "little" daughter has joined me in my design studio. She has a great eye for color and style. Our style is a little bit on the Phyllis Diller side. We both love bright and funky colors. We purchased two hats from fabric stores, sewed one and decorated the other. I've also been able to make the "weekly" trip to Michael’s Craft Store to purchase trinkets to adorn my hats. I am sure by now you are wondering what theme I have picked for my battle. Yes, there's always a theme for everything that I do. Did you expect cancer to be any different? I envision my cancer centered around a train station. I am surrounded by a ton of people. There are those that have purchased their non-refundable tickets with me, those that are still at the ticket counter begging for a cheaper fare, those that want to ride along side of me on the train, but can't make the journey until next month, those that want a refund as the trip is just way too expensive, and those that completely misread the itinerary and are at the airport. Wherever you are in my journey, I applaud the fact that you are with me. It is often difficult to hear "All Aboard", but I promise we are going to learn a lot about each other along the way. I know that my Heavenly Train Conductor has an awesome journey planned for me; a journey of growth, strength and hope. So, let me be the first to say, "ALL ABOARD – Choo Choo!"


Sue Braman said...

Dear Judy..I just checked my school email and found out about your cancer returning..I'M ONBOARD with you-girlfriend. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your family (I'll consider anything) HA! really :)
God Bless....Love Sue

Paula said...

Dear Judy,
I was excited to recieve your blog. I am onboard with you. You inspire all of us with your strength and positive attitude. Would it be okay for me to make you a hat? I will be sending you my prayers and healing.

Evelyn said...

Hi Judie;

I am sending my love and prayers to you, the girls and "Rob P. Nix". You are a remarkable women and I know God will CONTINUE to take care of you. Please know that Jamaal, Sis and I are there for you.

I saw this and I thought of you...
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain".

Keep dancing my Sista..and know that this too shall pass.

Blessings Always

Judie Berry-Nix said...
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Evelyn said...

Hi Kiddo;

I went to the Dr. today - to get the annual "breast" press and I thought about you. I was praying for you while waiting to have the exam --I picked up the Ladies Home Journal (August 08)and there was a picture of Robin Roberts and Dianne Sawyer on the cover in orange. Darn, they called me before I could read the article or ask to "borrow" it. Anyway -- tell Rob to buy it for you and I will reimburse him. I also have lots of books and other stuff to keep you busy. And guess what -- I am learning to quilt so I have lots of fabric and "stuff" too. Update your blog so we will know what's happening.

Love Evelyn