Friday, July 11

The Beginning...I was caught (as usual) in Charlotte traffic and was going to reschedule the mammogram because I was running so behind schedule. I arrived just in time, but couldn’t find a parking space. My oldest daughter was with me and I really didn’t want her to witness me having a mammogram. I begged the parking attendant to allow me to park directly in front of the mammogram mobile so that she would be safe. As I approached the truck, they informed me that they were closing. I knew that I hadn’t begged to be “flattened” in the machine for no reason. I explained my situation and they graciously allowed me in and also offered to watch my daughter for me. The entire process couldn’t of taken more then 15 minutes. I truly spent more time looking for a parking space and begging for help. A few days later I received a phone call…the dreaded phone call. That was the beginning of….my new beginning. I have tried to be a role model to all women, but mostly children.
Remember, we are never too busy to beg someone to save our own life….

Please read our feature story as it appeared in Cornelius Today, one of our local newspapers.


Diane Rothwell said...


Just got your site from Dave. I am crushed with the news of your chemo and I know your family feels the weight of your burden.

I am lifted, however, by the promise that God will never leave you or forsake you, even when circumstances make him seem so distant.

Like steams in the desert that give life when all around is choking sand. May those streams be, family and friends.

Count on a few meals from me and anything else that you need.

I will be in touch soon.

Be Well,

Cynthia said...

Hi, Judie. I just finished reading your recent brought tears to my eyes but, in a wonderful way. I wasn't sure how to reach you right now, so, I'm hoping this little note does. I miss you so much...I miss seeing you. You're such a wonderful Person and Friend! I send you my best thoughts each moment-please use a butterfly net to catch them in!
Cynthia :)!!