Friday, October 10

Drop, Tuck and Roll...Remember as a child your parents would turn around (yes, while still driving 70 mph) and say? “If I have to stop this car… The phrase never had an ending. To be honest with you it didn’t need an ending. As children we all knew what it meant. I never had any friends or cousins that ever mentioned what happened when the car stopped. Just the threat of it was enough for the “average” child to get her act together (and no, my parents never said it me).

Now that our train is plugging along, like a New York City train, I must let you know that it is jammed packed. It’s truly standing room only. There are so many friends that are waiting at the next stop to hopefully get on. No one is worried about getting a seat. They truly just want on. For that I am so grateful.
That being said, have you ever had someone in your life that you really want to pull aside and say, “If I have to stop this train…” you would think it wouldn’t need an ending. Oh, come on. It needs an ending if you are an adult hearing those words.

Here’s how I see the statement ending. “Get out!” No, we are not even stopping, simply slowing down. In Cornelius, North Carolina it’s Fire Prevention Week. So, in paying homage to Fire Prevention Week, I would suggest just a simple drop, tuck and roll. Isn’t that what we were taught in the case of a fire? Same rules apply here. It amazes me how many people get on the train ride of life with their own concerns, rules and hidden agendas. You know the people that see the sign that states, “Only One Over-night Bag”. They get onboard with all the extra “baggage”. They are hitting everyone upside the head with their heavy baggage. We all know those people. Yet, we always turn the other cheek and make excuses for them. How awesome would it be if we didn’t have to make excuses for them? Perhaps then we could focus on what’s really important. In their world it’s all about them. Needless to say, always remember the Drop, Tuck and Roll.

I think it would only happen to them once in life and then they would realize they picked the wrong train. We must take some responsibility for allowing these people on our train. On the same hand, we must be strong enough to open the door and send them on their way. They often need a little push. I think it’s harder for us to give them the needed push. With the friends and family on my train, I don’t think that we’ll have any problems.

I say this in hopes that we all learn that what is sometimes dressed up in the prettiest package with a beautiful organza bow and all the trimmings, is nothing more than that. It’s a pretty package. It’s what’s inside that truly counts. Learning the difference is a life time lesson. I pray that we all have time to learn the difference and learn it quickly. I know that our parents have always said, “Say thank you, it’s the thought that counts.” Is it really?

The “it’s all about me people” are only centered on themselves and not others, so in their case the thought was to gain accolades’ for themselves. These are the moments that your parents really haven’t warned you about. It’s hard to accept that times have really changed. Not everyone means well. I look at it like this. They simply got on the wrong train. It happens, no hard feelings. However, they should know to ask to get off, BEFORE they are pushed off. I’m sure that there is a train coming along the bend that would be more suited for them. Sad to say, that train is probably packed as well. However, this I know for sure … this is not the train for them.

So together we will all push forward with a simple:
“Drop, Tuck and Roll … this is your stop!”
Ooops, who said we were stopping the train…Just Get Out!

Remember to send their baggage along with them;
after all, it's their baggage that's slowing us all down.

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