Tuesday, October 28

Sam I Am...It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You would think as a breast cancer survivor I would be jumping up and down and dressed in full pink. Nope, not this survivor. Let me be the first to say, I do not like pink. I am just not one of those women that can carry such a dainty color. Place me in fire engine red and I’m your girl. The louder the better!

It still amazes me how many people will not have a mammogram or even hold each other accountable. It also saddens me that we devote only one month to a cause. So, once November 1st. hits, are we free to move on to the next holiday; are we free to stop talking about mammograms and preventive health; are we free to stop raising awareness for such a deadly, almost preventable disease? Ladies, we must do better to help each other.

Who decided that such a dainty, pastel feminine color, such as pink would represent such a horrible, deadly disease? Breast cancer is not dainty, nor is it feminine. I don’t care how you dress it up; it’s loud and in your face at every turn. Hear me when I say, “I Do Not Like PINK!”

That gets me to thinking of the infamous Green Eggs and Ham, best-selling and critically acclaimed book by
Dr. Seuss. Here’s my take for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I do not like my breasts in a machine
I do not like for them to be seen

I do not like them flattened or squished
I do not like them presented as the main dish

I do not like your silky pink gown
I do not like your reminders all around town

I do not like your little pink ribbons
I do not like there’s not enough money yet given

I do not like the loud crashing sound
I do not like the sight of the plate slamming down

I do not like my breast twisted left and right
I do not like my breasts in the x-rayed light

I do not like for you to hear me scream;
as I am bold
I do not like the results that I may be told

I do not like the view any more from the right
I do not like that we can’t win this fight

No fan I am of the mammogram
However, Sam I Am

Survivors Appreciate Mammograms!
Judie Berry-Nix
aka, Sam I AM

So, here’s my challenge to each one of you over the next few months. Let’s be sure to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness. I already know what excuse you’ll use, so here are a few little helpful hints to get you started: Tie a pink ribbon to the leg of the turkey for Thanksgiving. Add a pink ribbon on the top of the tree for Christmas. Ring in the New Year with a pink champagne glass. Give your girlfriends a pink box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Or, my favorite; order a cold mug of pink beer for St. Patrick’s Day!

Oh No…
I think I like PINK!

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