Wednesday, March 4

Overboard...I’m not much of a swimmer. I can do the basics. Throw me in 6’ of water and I can survive. However, throw me in 40’ of cold water and you’ll have a totally different woman on your hands. That being said, I am probably the last person that should own a boat, but I do.

The perfect day on the lake for me would be a well-planned, fun day with the ladies and plenty of food. I would search high and low for a peaceful, quite cove. I would have personalized martini glasses for each special lady and a delicious picnic lunch. You know that I would have a theme and everything would be color-coordinated. Wow, there’s a thought. Ladies Day on the boat. Note to self - Plan Ladies Day!

I remember the last boat ride. It wasn’t that long ago. I always know just the right women to invite. I take great pride in my selection of friends. They must enjoy giggling. Even at my age, I admire women that know the difference between a good laugh and a silly giggle.

Life is that way. One minute you’re on the boat just enjoying life, giggling and having a good time. The next thing you know, you’re treading water. Not just any water, but 40’ of cold, mind-numbing water.

I remember looking back at the boat. Based on the fact that I’m treading water, I know that I’ve jumped. The boat appears to be moving ever-so-slowly away from me. I can still hear giggles. Have they not caught on that I’m in trouble? That being said, when do your friends know that you’ve jumped ship? I don’t mean truly jumped off the bow. But, mentally jumped. Not the, “lets take off our bikini tops and jump in” but the “I’m mentally done for today jump!” Oh come on, we’ve all done it. Some of us in “deeper” water than others.

Interestingly enough, when I jump, a few always jump with me. No! When I jump you stay put. I need to know that someone is still steering the boat. We can’t all jump at the same time. How silly do we all look treading water together? I look back and see my favorite sister-girlfriend still on deck; just as I would expect her to be. She calmly yells for us to return. She circles the boat around us and throws us a life jacket.

Yes, she gets it. We all have that special sister or girlfriend that no matter how rough the water is, she is just not coming in with us. She is the calm one. To her I say, “Thank you.” For yes, there are days as a breast cancer survivor that I am scared to death. There are days that I accidentally research way too much information. And yes, there are days that with all the tears, I’ve lost sight of my anchored boat.

I remember a quote from awhile back. “I’m not committing to swim until I hit water.” I have no intention of jumping this boat. I look to the cove and see peace and tranquility. I look to my right and see my sister, my best friend. I also believe that if you can swim in 6’ of water, you can swim in 40’. You gotta believe in the power of the breast stroke.

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Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me!! I love the calendar!